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Thompson Writing and Editing: Speaking, Books, Book Manuscript Editing, and Author Marketing Services

What's your story?

  • Is it about your business, or your life story?
  • Are you writing it yourself, or do you need help?
  • Will you publish it in a book, share it online, or just record it for your family?
  • How will you let your audience know it's available?

Whatever your purpose, we can help you.

3 books written by Lynn Maria Thompson: An Author's Guide to Online Marketing, Second Edition; The Feline CEO; and An Author's Guide to Literary Genres
Want to earn some money?

We pay a 10% referral reward for clients you send us - for the life of the client!

ghostwriter offering a helping hand

​Not sure how to go about writing your book, or don't have the time to do it yourself?

Here's your solution:

book manuscript editor

Already finished your manuscript, and need help perfecting it or making it more marketable?

Here's your solution:

author speaking to a small group

Need help figuring out how to sell your book to your audience or let them know more about it?

Here's your solution:

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