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Make Money With TW&E's Referral Rewards Program!

Everybody could use a little extra cash. When you refer a client to us, we'll pay you 10% of whatever they pay us for that project! Don't need cash? Bank it for future projects with us. Here's how it works:

Step 1:

You find somebody who needs our help

It could be someone you met at a business networking event, a client of yours, or your Great Aunt Ethel. You're talking with someone and they let you know that they'd like to write a book, or get help with a book they've written. And you remember hearing about TW&E and get their contact information.

Step 2:

You send us the person's information


You e-mail TW&E with your prospect's contact information and a little background information about your conversation with them.

Step 3:

We follow up with the person


We'll call or e-mail your referral, discuss their needs, and let them know what services we offer that may be able to help them.

Step 4:

The person hires TW&E

If the prospect likes what they hear, they'll send us a retainer fee to hire us and become a client.

Step 5:

We send you a check

We'll immediately send you a check for 10% of whatever the retainer fee amount is. Your Referral Reward could be for up to $1,000, depending on the package the client buys!

Not concerned with the money? You can bank your Referral Rewards to use toward a book project of your own! Just let us know when you send over your referral.

Step 6:

Mo' money, mo' money!

But we don't stop there: When the client makes subsequent payments on the project for which you referred them to TW&E, you'll also get checks for 10% of the amount of those! Most projects are billed in three payments of similar size, so you're looking at two more checks after the first one.

Here's where it gets really exciting: If the same client hires TW&E for a second project, we'll send you a residual referral fee of 5% on the payments for that project!

Now, how's that for gratitude?!

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