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Media Interview Coaching

As an author, you will be interviewed by the media: possibly on live TV or radio, for a podcast or internet radio show, or by a print or online journalist. If the prospect of that scares you to death, you're not all that different from a lot of first-time authors.

The good news is, the more interviews you do, the more comfortable you will get with them. But who wants to practice with a real, live interview that will affect publicity for your book? That's not a good plan!

Fortunately for you, Lynn has experienced media interviews from both sides and can help you prepare for any type of them. She'll help you prepare a Q&A sheet to provide to the interviewer so they can fake having read your book and ask you exactly the questions you want to answer. She'll help you rehearse your answers, and even throw some difficult questions at you to prepare for dealing with your worst fears.

This day-long, one-on-one package is customized for your needs and delivered at your location. You'll receive a workbook we'll use during the session that you can keep afterward for reference, as well as video files of your interviews. Click on the button below to book your session now!

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