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The Feline CEO

How following a cat's lead can make you a better business leader

Are you feeling stale? Stagnant? Stuck in a rut?

Tired of seeing the same old hacks repeated again and again?

Maybe what you need is a dose of catnip!

The Feline CEO takes a fresh look at leadership through the lens of cat behavior. Using the simple wisdom behind why cats do what they do and marrying it with advice from successful CEOs, Lynn explores how those lessons can be carried over into our own behavior to transform the thinking of leaders...just like you.

You'll learn some new terminology, some new techniques, and new ways of thinking. Cultivate your own Feline Mindset and uncage your inner feline leader using exercises and bonus video lessons in the accompanying workbook

Get ready to roar! The Feline CEO is now available. It makes a great gift for any executive or rising leader on your gift list...or get copies for your entire team when you hire Lynn to speak to them!

Lynn is currently booking speeches and appearances in conjunction with The Feline CEO. Contact TW&E for details and pricing.

Reactions to The Feline CEO

"It's the best book I've read this year. Great insight. Really makes you think and grow professionally -- and I don't even love cats! Great case study examples, too."

"I completely enjoyed her blending of her personal observations of cat behavior, strengths and weaknesses (as if cats have any weaknesses)...A fun read!"

"I thought at my age I had stopped reading leadership books but I'm so glad I didn't miss this one. Her descriptions of behaviors cats display and that cognitive value we can all benefit from is amazing."

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If you lead a team and need a little something to give you a boost, read Lynn's latest book, The Feline CEO! It takes lessons learned from cat behavior and applies them to leadership. Whether you're leading a company, a nonprofit organization, a church, or a work group, there's something in it for you! (And you don't even need to love cats.)


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