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Ghostwriting from Thompson Writing & Editing​

You're an expert in your field. But you haven't a clue how to write a book about it! Or your career keeps you so busy that you don't have the time to write it yourself. None of that should keep you from becoming a published author. One of our five ghostwriting packages should be the perfect fit for your needs.

executive with a story to tell

Executive Ghostwriting Package

You're short on time and long on needs. This package is an investment that will be used to market something else you're trying to sell. That could be a product, service, entertainment production, or your business or personal image as a whole. The resulting book is a marketing tool, typically a nonfiction book. This package also includes a lot of marketing work you don't have the time to do personally. Your return on this investment could total in the millions of dollars.

It's perfect for you if you're a successful individual who wants to become a published author, but don't have the time or the writing skills to write your own book.

A few examples:

  • A retiring corporate CEO who wants to start a second career as a paid speaker after leaving your current position
  • A celebrity whose career keeps you too busy to write a book
  • A politician who needs to build credibility and outline your philosophy to voters
  • A medical professional who's invented a new medical device that has tremendous potential to help people, but who needs to explain it better to major investors or institutional buyers
  • Any professional who wants to create another stream of revenue selling high-ticket seminars, training programs or memberships in mastermind groups, but needs a step-up product to get clients there
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Storyteller Ghostwriting Package

You may have an amazing story to tell, but don't have the writing skills to turn it into a published book. Perhaps you want to use your book to sell ancillary products, but you're more likely thinking of making most of your profit from actual book sales or the sale of subsidiary rights for other editions, serializations, screenplays, etc. These books may be fiction or non-fiction; particularly popular these days are the fantasy, sci-fi, and alternative history genres that combine the two. Maybe your story has the potential to become a series: publishers love series! Licensing rights for products associated with a book like this could include items like toys, action figures, costumes, games, party supplies, business tools, exercise equipment, and more.

The Storyteller Package may be the right one for you if you're:

  • Someone who fought in a significant battle in a war and played an interesting role in that battle that may have changed the course of history
  • Someone who has lived through an inspiring life experience and wants to share it with the world to help others
  • Someone who narrowly escaped death in an unusual way that may have even been in the news and captured the public's attention
  • Someone who has inside knowledge about a famous person, especially if that person has recently passed away or done something newsworthy
  • Someone who's been a part of a big event that made news headlines
  • Someone who has a great imagination and can make up a fiction story similar to any of the above

What is a "Ghostwriter?"

A ghostwriter is someone who writes a book that will be published with your name as the main author. Your ghostwriter may be credited as a co-author or completely anonymous. The books supposedly authored by many celebrities are actually written by ghostwriters.

Obviously, the ghostwriter is not an expert in your field, so you will still need to supply the information to be included in your book. This could be handled via interviews, recordings, or conversion of speaking notes and slides. It's not even necessary that you meet face to face. The task of the ghostwriter is to turn your thoughts into a marketable book.

It's important that you're completely comfortable with the ghostwriter you use. Hiring a quality ghostwriter is a significant investment. Research the qualifications of several, talk to past clients, and interview your finalists to select the best fit for your needs.

entrepreneur with a story to tell

Entrepreneur Ghostwriting Package

Like many business owners, you may need to raise your profile or build your reputation as an expert in your field. Becoming a published author is the perfect way to do this. These books could take the form of a how-to book or one that outlines your path to achievement for others who'd like to follow in your footsteps. They are often nonfiction books, but not always. These books can be used as a sort of "business card" to present your credentials to prospective customers and business partners. They're also a great way to get media exposure or land speaking opportunities to audiences of potential clients!  Think of them as advertising.

This package is a good fit if you're the owner of a growing company emerging as a leader in your field or your local marketplace. It includes less marketing services than the Executive package, giving you more opportunities for hands-on involvement.

Examples would be:

  • A business or life coach who will use the book to introduce people to your techniques and to sign more clients for individual coaching sessions, coaching packages, or mastermind groups
  • A professional speaker who wants to open more doors to keynote speeches each paying $5,000 and up
  • A middle manager in a corporation who wants to raise your profile within your industry to be recruited for higher positions, either within your own company or in others
  • An inventor who needs to kick-start the marketing for your new invention
Grandmother with baby

Family Memoir Ghostwriting Package

Not every book is intended to sell something, or even to be published. Maybe you just want to preserve your stories, or those of your ancestors, for your family. For you, we offer this package. You may elect to publish a limited quantity of these books through a local printer, just for family members. But you're not looking for a publisher who will make your book available for sale to the general public.

The Family Memoir ghostwriting package is perfect for:

  • An elderly person, typically a grandparent or parent, who wants to preserve your story for children or grandchildren who may not have time to hear the stories now, but will be very interested in them later in life
  • A parent with a terminal illness who wants to preserve your memories for your young children to ​remember you or get to know you when they're old enough
  • An adult in the prime of life who wants to give your parents or grandparents an unusual gift and preserve the family's history


man downloading e-book

E-Book Ghostwriting Package

Increasingly companies are now using short, free e-books and white papers that can be downloaded from their websites as a powerful way to build their marketing lists of potential clients. These e-books are a gateway to other products or services the company sells. Some of them are 30 pages or less. Even the longest are typically under 50 pages. They center on one concept and provide information of value to your prospects. Formats for them vary.

If any of these describe you, an e-book could be your solution:

  • A growing business that specializes in a highly technical field or one where the information changes quickly, such as online marketing
  • A leading expert in your profession, where most of your clients don't understand much about the subject matter, but a deeper understanding would make them better prospects, such as an attorney or plastic surgeon
  • A business coach who wants to expand your marketing list by giving people a tiny taste of the services you offer
  • A micro-business that depends on having a large list to which you can market your products or glean prospects for your paid products

Not sure which package is right for you?

We can help!

Lots of people aren't sure if their book idea is valid. For a thorough assessment of your potential book, contact us for a Book Marketing Plan Package. It will be the best investment you've ever made in your future!

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