Lynn Maria Thompson, writer, editor, speaker, author marketing consultant
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Lynn is currently booking speeches for 2020 and 2021. She speaks about fresh perspectives on corporate leadership, related to various topics covered in The Feline CEO. Download Lynn's speaker one-sheet here.

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Lynn has an extensive network of creative professionals who can meet your needs. While she is not currently accepting writing clients of her own, she can refer you to other writers who can meet your needs.

TW&E is active in our community, too!

Lynn's a longtime member of the JAX Chamber and serves on the board of directors of the Beaches Division, a member of the Shankminds mastermind group and a board member of the Jax Online Marketing Meetup. She's a member of the Cat Writers Association and volunteers with the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. A life member of the University of Florida Alumni Association, she enjoys supporting her local rugby team and several art and music organizations in Jacksonville, Florida, where she lives with her three cats, Captain Roughy, Gilligan, and Matilda Stormkitty.

Meet Lynn Maria Thompson:
She's the founder of Thompson Writing & Editing. In 2019, she released a book of her own (for a change!) entitled The Feline CEO: How Following a Cat's Lead Can Make You a Better Business Leader. It takes a fresh look at corporate leadership from the perspective of a cat's behavior. Lynn also updated her book for authors, An Author's Guide to Online Marketing, now available in its second edition.

Before founding her own business, Lynn worked 23 years in sales, marketing, and communications for a major directory publisher. This gave her the experience of working with businesses in every industry. In The Feline CEO, Lynn combines her own experience with advice from other successful CEOs and feline behavior experts.