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An Author's Guide to
Literary Genres,
Volume 1: Juvenile (Children's) Nonfiction

The ultimate guide to identifying your Juvenile Nonfiction book's correct literary genre!

Available now at Barnes & Noble! 

Why You Need This Book

Are you a children's nonfiction book author who's struggled to find the correct literary genre for your books? It's important not only for marketing your book to the right people, but also if you plan to find a literary agent or publisher specializing in your genre.

Struggle no more! An Author's Guide to Literary Genres will give you all the information you need, including:

  • The official BISAC categories and codes from the Book Industry Study Group, updated through 2022

  • Definitions for each category describing the types of books found there

  • Totals of ISBNs available at wholesale within each BISAC (at the date it was written)

  • Sample titles in production for each BISAC

  • Basic information on other book classification systems such as Bowker, Dewey, Library of Congress, Amazon, and Goodreads

  • A handy Topic Index to give you options for different BISACs that may be appropriate for your book's topic, depending on what aspect of that topic your book addresses

Even professionals who work in the book industry will find much of value in this book: literary agents or publishers looking for ways to position a book properly so it will target the best audience for it can easily find what they're seeking in one place. Lynn has done all the legwork for you! Overseas publishers or those who are newer to the industry will find it especially useful.

Due to the great volume of information included in this book, Volume 1 is limited to books in the Juvenile Nonfiction area, covering books written for ​children ages birth to 11 years. Volume 2 will address Young Adult (ages 12-18) Nonfiction, and Volume 3 all the other (adult, in the sense of "written for grownups" not in the sense of "pornographic") Nonfiction genres. Volumes 4, 5, and 6 will address the same breakdowns of Fiction.

Want Lynn to Speak at your Writer's Conference?

Lynn is available to present workshops on literary genres, as well as on digital marketing for authors. Contact her for rates and availability.

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