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Author Marketing Services

Helping you sell more books

 Even authors who have done a great job of writing a book sometimes struggle with writing the copy that sells that book. It's no fault of theirs; writing marketing copy is a very different type of writing that requires specific training.

A lot of authors are also uncomfortable with things like speaking or being interviewed by the media. And experts who could tell you everything you need to know about their own field are not necessarily experts in marketing.

Thompson Writing & Editing can use its extensive network of creative professionals to help authors with these essential tasks. Scroll over the photos below to see more about our Author Marketing Services, or email us about the services that interest you.

Up Your Marketing Game!


Previously available only to Thompson Writing & Editing's clients, now you, too, can get this valuable information And the new, updated Second Edition is now available!

An Author's Guide to Online Marketing, Second Edition 


Top Elements of Marketing on the Web and How You can Use Them to Sell More Books!

You've written your book and it's being published; now what? How will you make your future readers aware of it? The Internet is a fabulous gift to authors looking to market their books at a reasonable cost, but the sheer array of choices can leave you feeling bewildered and uncertain of how and where to start.

Lynn's book walks you through each step of creating a cohesive online marketing program to grow your audience, sell more books, and present a professional image as an author. In no time, you'll be creating your own website, blog, and social media accounts built around your brand, tossing around jargon like a pro, and watching your book sales grow.

The world needs what you were born to share. Let them know it exists! Buy your copy today; available on Amazon as a print book ($14.95). E-book is coming soon. Click on the image at left for details!

Download a media kit for An Author's Guide to Online Marketing.

Available February, 2023:

An Author's Guide to Literary Genres

Volume 1: Juvenile (Children's) Nonfiction

Into what genre does your book fall? Why does this matter? Because genres are how books get sold at the wholesale level. They're how bookstores and libraries shop for books and know where to put them on their shelves. Pick the wrong one as a self-published author, and you could be missing out on a lot of sales by targeting the wrong audience and making your book difficult for buyers to find!

If you're an author seeking a traditional publisher, literary genres are important because agents and publishers all specialize in certain ones; nobody publishes all types of books on any subject. How do you know which agents or publishers to target with your queries if you don't know which literary genre your book falls into?

Most authors don't have a clue about how many literary genres there are (thousands!) or how to differentiate between them. Lynn's new book series will provide definitions and lists of sample titles already being sold in each of them to help you distinguish between them and pick up on nuances that could greatly enhance your book sales.

What's that? You work for a publisher or a literary agent and you also sometimes have a tough time differentiating between literary genres? That's understandable! Sometimes they're awfully similar to each other.

Using information from the Book Industry Study Group, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Goodreads, and many other sources, Lynn has been carefully researching and compiling information for An Author's Guide to Literary Genres. All the information is alphabetized and cross-referenced for easy location. This useful reference book will have a place on every publishing industry professional's shelf!

More details and where-to-buy information coming soon!

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